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Supporting the fight against impaired driving has never been easier.

MADD Canada works to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime. Thousands of individuals, corporations, foundations and groups across Canada have joined this effort. Discover all the ways that you can support MADD Canada.
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Victim and Survivor

Each year MADD Canada offers our services to 20,000 victims and survivors across Canada.

If you or someone you know has been injured or has lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s choice to drive impaired, we have many resources available to you and your family during these difficult times.
Victim and Survivor

MADD Canada’s mission is to stop impaired driving
and to support victims of this violent crime.

If you need support, call us: 1-800-665-6233

Victim/Survivor Stories

You can give a voice to the voiceless…

Dear Friend, Kim and Dean Hancock will never forget the night their 18-year-old son's voice was silenced, his life ripped from him. They were there when the tragedy happened. They were following DJ's car as [...]

I never thought anything so tragic and senseless could happen to our family.

Dear Friend: I never thought anything so tragic and senseless could happen to our family. But then there was my husband, Terry, watching his son being wheeled quickly to the operating room, leaving a trail [...]

In the blink of an eye…everything can change.

It was the day before Lily Fisher's birthday. While Lily was out for the day, two of her four kids, Jamie and Nicole, wrapped gifts and put them on the table. They bought flowers and [...]

What does summer mean to you?

Dear Friend, Perhaps summer means long sunny days at the beach or cottage. Barbeques and patio time with friends. Family vacations and road trips that stretch on for miles. For most of us, summer means [...]

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Man arrested after reports of drunk driver called in to police

96.1 FM January 11, 2017 Two alert citizens get the credit for the arrest of a drunk driver in Renfrew over the weekend. According to the OPP, they got a call from someone reporting a [...]

Sentencing in drunk driving case ‘some relief’ but still heartwrenching for family, friends

Metro January 11, 2017 The 4.5 year prison sentence given to a Beaver Bank man responsible for a drunk driving crash that claimed the lives of two passengers may provide “some relief,” but definitely doesn’t [...]

Lengthy cab wait in deadly drunk-driving case disappoints MADD

CBC January 11, 2017 The Atlantic director of MADD Canada says she's "disappointed and sad" that a group of young people involved in a drunk-driving crash near Halifax was told it would be a two-hour wait for a cab home. [...]

Moving to root out drug-impaired drivers

Toronto Sun January 9, 2017 Ottawa needs to establish levels of impairment for motorists who consume a mix of alcohol and marijuana, according to MADD Canada. Canada’s Liberal government plans on introducing a bill to [...]

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