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Henman CD raises funds for MADD

The Chronicle Herald December 13, 2017 Alcohol nearly ruined Jim and Pat Henman’s lives. In Jim’s case, the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Famer saw no other choice but to turn his back on booze [...]

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Suspected drunk driver arrested thanks to tips

Kelowna Daily Courier December 8, 2017 A Kamloops man is facing potential charges following an impaired driving incident Tuesday afternoon in Coldstream. Vernon RCMP received multiple complaints of an erratic and possibly impaired driver just [...]

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Training sellers of cannabis to keep people safe

CBC – All In A Day With Alan Neal December 7, 2017

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Ottawa launches campaign against youth drug-impaired driving

CBC Dec 5, 2017 As the July deadline for legalizing marijuana in Canada looms, the Liberals are launching the first in a series of ads to dissuade young people from driving while high. The first [...]

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#DONTDRIVE HIGH: Feds Drug Awareness Campaign Ahead of Legalizing Pot

CTV Ottawa December 5, 2017 #Don't drive high. The federal government hopes that simple slogan coupled with some tougher laws will curb any increase in impaired driving. The Liberals are set to legalize recreational marijuana [...]

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Reaffirm the value of human lives

PEI December 5, 2017 Mothers Against Drunk Driving clearly need more people in their camp as we barrel head-long into Christmas and New Years. MADD’s most recent campaign ‘Drive Safe-Drive Sober’ sees illuminated roadside [...]

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