Theresa Mary McFaul

Age: 16
Date of Crash: October 29, 2000
Home City: Beaumont, Alberta

My daughter Theresa was killed instantly on October 29th. She was a passenger in a truck and the girl driving was charged with drunk driving and was found in possession of drugs and speeding along a gravel road in thick fog. Pre-trial is April 19th. The driver had no injuries, has expressed no remorse and pleaded not guilty to the ten charges.


My beloved daughter Theresa, with all my heart and love, always and forever, your mum.

The night my daughter Theresa was killed, a huge part of me died also. She is the most special person, funny, bright, beautiful and loving. Every day and every minute it's a struggle to go on without her; everything was taken away from her and us by an accused drunk driver. She was a good girl with great insight and wrote beautiful poetry, she was often in before her curfew and was content at home. She was a wonderful daughter and sister to her brother and sister and we love and miss her so much. I honestly don't know how to go on without her by my side. I love you darling, always and forever your mum, Tim, Justin and Angela.

Tribute submitted by Gillian Phillips.

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