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August 23, 2019

When you drive along Highway 22 you’ll notice a new sign at the side of the road. It’s a memorial for impaired driving victims and a reminder to other drivers that impaired driving kills.

CEO of MADD Canada Andrew Murie says there is no excuse for people to drive impaired.

“Every one of these deaths is totally preventable,” he said. “The person did not have to get behind the wheel of a car using alcohol, drugs or a combination of those impairing substances.”

The sign was created in memory of Alfred Benary, who was hit by an impaired driver when he was on his way home. Alfred died in October 2015, from injuries sustained a couple of weeks earlier.

The sign has been installed at the crash site where he was hit on Hwy. 22 just north of Hwy. 1.

“They stand as a strong reminder of the carnage that impaired drivers cause on our roadways,” he explained.

His partner Adele and their two daughters joined the Alberta Minister of Transportation and MADD Canada in unveiling the sign.