It is our differences that make us stronger as a whole, MADD Canada is committed to ensuring that we serve all Canadians equally.

Policies and Procedures

Feedback Process

Feedback regarding the way MADD Canada provides services to persons with disabilities and feedback about the feedback process itself can be made through the website (using the form below), by telephone, through email, or by other means as required.

Feedback by telephone, mail or through email should be directed to: Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer at or via telephone at 905-829-8805.

Any complaints received will be addressed as follows:

Where possible, concerns will be addressed immediately by the Chief Executive Officer or the person that has been designated by the Chief Executive Officer to address the concern. Customers can expect to hear back from MADD Canada within three (3) business days from receipt of message, however, some concerns may require more time and consideration. Customers will be provided with details on the resolution of the concern or, in more complex cases, on the steps being taken by MADD Canada to resolve the concern. In more complex cases, customers will be informed of the resolution as soon as possible once it has been achieved

Information regarding MADD Canada’s feedback process can be found on MADD Canada’s website, at the main office and is available upon request.

MADD Canada will provide or arrange for accessible formats or communication supports to ensure the feedback process is accessible to persons with disabilities, upon request.


Any disruptions to our service will be reported here.