MADD Canada strives to keep all fundraising costs to the absolute minimum. MADD Canada however relies on small gifts from individual donors and as such, costs to support this type of fundraising are higher than organizations that receive support from the federal government, corporations, foundations or large gifts from wealthy donors. MADD Canada sees these contacts with individual donors as having a dual function: to educate the public about impaired driving and to raise funds to support programs that educate Canadians about impaired driving and to support the victims of this violent crime.

MADD Canada uses outside contractors to undertake many of the technical aspects of informing the public about its policies and programs and fundraising as opposed to asking our victims/volunteers to do so. Our victims/volunteers have a unique contribution to make in supporting, advising and assisting those who have recently lost a loved one or suffered an injury due to impaired driving. They are also in the best position to give talks in local high schools and to undertake other public relations initiatives in their communities. In MADD Canada’s view, these are far more important functions for our victims/volunteers than stuffing the millions of envelopes and making the millions of phone calls that are part of MADD Canada’s ongoing national campaigns. These millions of direct contacts are vitally important to educate and inform the public, to advise them of our victim and Chapter services, to encourage them to be responsible and to ask them for their financial support. However, these essential components of MADD Canada’s national campaigns are best done by professional outside services.

MADD Canada’s fundraisers are also members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is the professional association for individuals responsible for generating philanthropic support for a wide variety of nonprofit, charitable organizations. The Association of Fundraising Professionals advances philanthropy in society by enabling people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising. MADD Canada’s fundraisers also adhere to the Association’s Donor Bill of Rights.