Chapters and Community Leaders of MADD Canada are local groups or individuals which undertake a diverse range of activities within their communities, including: public awareness, services for victims/survivors, education programs, court monitoring, fundraising and promoting public policy and legislative priorities.

Each MADD Canada Chapter is comprised of a Chapter Board, volunteers and members. As the governing body of the Chapter, the Chapter Board is responsible for Chapter operations, programs and the protection of MADD Canada’s trademark. Chapter Board officers are elected by the Chapter membership.

The Chapter Board is comprised of officers and directors of the Chapter and shall include, but is not limited to, President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer.

MADD Canada provides support materials to Chapters and Community Leaders, access to professional staff, training and education around victim support and impaired driving issues.

At a time when an average of 4 Canadians are killed and 175 are injured on a daily basis due to impaired driving, the local efforts of Chapters and Community Leaders are invaluable to MADD Canada’s mission.


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To learn more about MADD Canada in your community, including local events, activities and services, please visit your local Chapter or Community Leader web site. If there is not a MADD Chapter or Community Leader in your area and you would like to learn more about starting a program, contact the Regional Manager for your region.