Dear Friend,

Terry and Patricia Coates had such wonderful dreams for their 27-year-old son and step son, Nicholas.

They dreamed of seeing the joy and pride on his face while he stood at the alter waiting for the love of his life, Elizabeth, to join him. They dreamed of holding Nicholas’s future children in their arms.

Those dreams died on a warm August morning when Nicholas’s vehicle was hit by an impaired driver.

“Because one person chose to drive impaired, Nicholas didn’t make it home and our family is beyond traumatized,” says Patricia. “Everything we dreamed for Nicholas, all of his own dreams, are gone.”

I’m sure you can empathize with Terry and Patricia’s heartbreak as we all have dreams for ourselves and those we love. It’s painful to think that one senseless act could take them away forever.

With your donation to MADD Canada you help us reach out to victims like the Coates family. You help us work hard to protect Canada’s roads from impaired driving and prevent this tragedy from happening to other families, including yours.

Your gift will enable us to keep supporting people who are dealing with the tragedy of losing someone dear, and the dreams they carried, to an impaired driving crash.

“Nicholas will never get the professional engineers accreditation he was working on,” Patricia says. “There will be no first home, no wedding, and no future children. All of Nick’s dreams died with him that horrible day.”

The loss of Nicholas left the Coates family feeling alone and isolated. They didn’t think they’d ever find peace again and then MADD Canada came into their lives.

“MADD Canada gave us a safe place to grieve,” says Patricia. “They helped give us a reason to get up each day when we felt our reality was too harsh to face.”

Today, I hope you’ll help us do the same for the 20,000 victims/survivors who will turn to us this year.

As a mother who has lost her own son to impaired driving, I know the agony of unfulfilled dreams. And today, I urge you not to wait for something tragic to happen and shatter your dreams for the ones you love.

Please support MADD Canada today and together we will do everything in our power to make our roads safe from impaired drivers so all your dreams can be fulfilled. Thank you.

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada