Each year in Canada, approximately 1.6 million vehicles are declared no longer fit for the road for reasons such as failed emissions testing or accidents. We may recycle our glass and plastic but most of us never think about recycling our cars.

Car Heaven offers car owners across Canada a convenient and cost-effective way to retire their old, high-polluting cars. The vehicle is towed for free (value-$200), recycled, and proceeds from the scrap materials are donated to affiliated charities including MADD Canada.

All participants receive a charitable tax receipt for their donated vehicle (minumum $100). In addition, they get the satisfaction that comes from knowing their vehicle was environmentally recycled and that they’ve helped charity. Since its launch in 2000, Car Heaven and its program partners have retired more than 90,000 smog-causing vehicles and generated more than $3.6 million for its affiliated charities.

To donate your car or obtain more information please call ‭1-888-510-0919 or visit the Car Heaven website. Please identify MADD Canada as your charity of choice when completing the donor form.

Car Heaven is an initiative of Automotive Recyclers of Canada.