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One more time: Do not drive if you’ve been drinking or using drugs. Got it?

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Brighton Independent December 21, 2018 Brighton – With consumption of recreational marijuana now being legal, it's even more imperative that the public take to heart the message of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to not drive while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. It's counsel MADD delivers throughout the year but one that bears [...]

MADD Durham reminds everyone to stay safe on the roads

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Global News December 21, 2018 You may be indulging in a few festive cocktails at holiday parties this weekend, but Mothers Against Drunk Driving is urging you to get home safely. The risk for impaired driving is high at this time of the year, so MADD says everyone can help keep the roads safer by planning ahead—arrange [...]

MADD, police raise awareness about impaired driving

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Stony Plain Reporter December 21, 2018 As we hit the heart of the holiday season with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the absolute last thing anyone wants is for their night to end in tragedy. In an effort to continue to hammer this message home Mothers Against Drunk Driving joined forces with first responders from around the Tri-Region in their [...]

New tough rules surrounding impaired driving implemented today

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Breakfast Television December 18, 2018

#DontWreckTheHolidays Saskatoon police campaign implores

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Global News December 18, 2018

Canada’s new impaired driving laws are now in effect — here’s what to know

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Global News December 18, 2018 Canada's new impaired driving laws kick in Tuesday, giving law enforcement new powers when it comes to interacting with drivers. Alcohol-related impaired driving laws will be updated in the Criminal Code of Canada as of Dec. 18, in order to become comparable with drug-impaired driving laws that were reformed earlier this year. [...]

Hundreds could be saved under new impaired driving laws

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660 NEWS December 18, 2018 CALGARY (660 NEWS) – New impaired driving laws imposed by the federal government went into effect Tuesday. According to the CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Andrew Murie this could save 200 lives within the first year of implementation. “It is the same aspect that has worked so well globally [...]

New impaired driving laws in effect

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CTV Ottawa December 18, 2018 Police across the country now have more powers to determine whether drivers are impaired by alcohol or drugs and those convicted of being impaired will now face stricter sentences after new laws came into effect Tuesday. Bill C-46 enables police to demand a breath sample from any driver they stop. [...]

MADD Grande Prairie welcoming new impaired driving laws

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Grande Prairie Now December 18, 2018 Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada is welcoming the implementation of mandatory alcohol screening in Canada. New laws came into place at midnight and Tia Marsten, Community Leader with MADD for the Grande Prairie area says the change will save lives and prevent injuries on the road. "Our estimate, is that [...]

Federal government introduces new impaired driving laws

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CTV Regina December 18, 2018 It's been 20 years since an impaired driver injured two of Lisa Lindahl's daughters, but the memory is no less painful. “We are very lucky they are alive. But it has become a life goal now to stop impaired driving,” said Lisa Lindahl, director of victims services with MADD Regina. [...]