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In one unforgivable act, an impaired driver changed my life and my family’s life forever.

2020/08/27|Categories: Campaigns, Uncategorized|

Dear Friend, Mallorie will never forget the sound of the car as it roared up behind her. She turned around to look and that’s when she was hit. She lay on the ground, unable to move, while the impaired driver sped off into the night. “My whole body was injured. No part of me was [...]

It can happen at any time.

2020/06/08|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, When Justine Ellis got out of bed that Monday morning, she had no idea her husband, Stuart, had already been killed by an impaired driver. The deadly crash happened that morning at 5:45am while Stuart was driving to work. He died leaving behind his 14-month-old son and Justine, newly pregnant with their second child. [...]

You have questions…We have answers…

2020/04/13|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, What exactly is Mandatory Alcohol Screening (MAS) and how will it save lives? As MADD Canada's new National President, I've noticed how often these questions have been asked. It seems like everyone is wondering if MAS, which gives police the authority to demand a breath sample from any driver lawfully pulled over, will [...]

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness

2020/02/22|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, If there was anyone who needs a ray of light to offer hope in the darkness, it is a victim/survivor of a devastating impaired driving crash. Our hearts go out to these victims - they need to have a safe place to share their despair and know that they are not alone, that [...]

Take a look to see…

2020/01/08|Categories: Campaigns|

As we begin a New Year, I can't thank you enough. After all, your support for MADD Canada isn't just about making a donation. It's about making a difference – on our roads and waterways, in Canada's schools and courtrooms, and in the lives of impaired driving victims and survivors. Victims like Melissa Slater, whose [...]

One is useful in this world who lightens the burdens of another

2019/11/10|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Imagine sitting down for your wonderful holiday dinner. The candles are lit, the smell of delicious food permeates the room... then you look across the table to find empty chairs that represent a third of your family - empty chairs that will never be filled again. It's hard to imagine and it's an [...]

October 4th may seem like just another date for you…

2019/10/04|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, On October 4th, 2014, Melissa Slater woke to the phone ringing at 3am. Melissa's 18-year-old sister, Shania had been in a serious car crash and airlifted to a trauma hospital. "They couldn't answer my questions and that put me into panic mode. I started screaming," Melissa recalls. Shania had suffered a major brain [...]

One bad decision can take a family…over the edge…

2019/08/30|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, "Unfortunately, he didn't make it." LaToya stood in her living room trying to process what the officer was saying. Cassius was her baby brother - nine years younger than she was. When he was little, she had made his lunches and taught him how to tie his shoes. How could he be gone? [...]

Summer – a time to relax and be carefree…

2019/06/11|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Here in Canada, summer represents a time to be carefree, to sit back, relax, and enjoy long, hot days and pleasant evenings with family and friends. But we also can't afford to let our guard down on our roads and waterways. Summer has the highest number of impaired driving crashes than any other [...]

When you lose someone, the first thing you forget about them is their voice

2019/04/12|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Imagine for a moment the sound of a loved one's voice. It's easy if you hear it all the time. The sound of their laughter, the quirky expressions they use, the way they sing off-key in the car – they're all as familiar to you as your own voice. Now imagine if the [...]