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What are your plans this summer?

2018/06/13|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Sweet, sweet summer. As Canadians, we look forward to it all year long. After all, summer is a time for cottage weekends, picnics, and long, leisurely road trips – a time to enjoy life and create the memories we’ll remember tomorrow. That was Bradley Lentz’s plan when he and his wife, Nancy, joined [...]

Our hearts go out to victims and survivors…

2018/02/22|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, This past month our minds turned to Valentine’s Day –hearts, flowers and loved ones. But tragically, many people have lost loved ones to impaired driving crashes and losses due to injuries. It’s to these people that our hearts go out to today. Victims and survivors need to have a safe place to share [...]

Your personal effort to stop impaired driving can make a difference!

2018/01/08|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Your support for MADD Canada – your personal effort – can make a difference. In fact, when you combine your effort with that of other MADD Canada supporters, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. It is people like you that ensure we make important strides – in the classroom, in the courtroom, in parliament, [...]

How you can help honour victims and survivors!

2017/11/08|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, It's the holiday season and all across Canada people are celebrating. But in some homes there is only darkness. No lights sparkle from the eaves, no gifts wait to be opened. The families inside don't feel much like celebrating. The tragedy of impaired driving has left its mark forever on their shattered hearts. [...]

One can never say it enough…

2017/10/02|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, During this season of gratitude Canadians everywhere are taking time out of their busy lives to reflect on the many things and people they are grateful for. I'm sure you're immensely thankful for your own family and friends. And with your support for MADD Canada, you can play a key role in making our roads [...]

The crash changed our lives, but you saved our lives!

2017/08/31|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, A pact is a powerful thing. It can change and sometimes even save lives. Today I hope you'll enter into a potentially lifesaving pact with MADD Canada. In this pact we'll agree to help each other in the fight against impaired driving and be there for the victims and survivors. Survivors like Maia Vezina [...]

And then, in a heartbeat, everything changed!

2017/06/09|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, It was a beautiful summer day, but Antonette Wijeratne lay crying in a hospital bed. Her hip, pelvis and some ribs had been fractured; the toes on her right foot dislocated; she had a brain injury as well - she had injuries all over her body. But it wasn't her broken body causing [...]

Help us turn a recipe for disaster into a recipe for hope!

2017/04/10|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, I have an urgent reason for writing to you today. We have a situation here in Canada that is frankly keeping me up at night. It's a situation that's putting our families, friends and all Canadians at a greater risk on our roads. I'm speaking about drug-impaired driving. We already have high rates [...]

The day is coming…

2017/02/24|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, The day is coming when there will be no more impaired driving crashes; a day when we no longer need to hold a Candlelight Vigil for victims and survivors of this horrible crime… But until that day comes, we need your help right now so that we are there for grieving people - [...]

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

2017/01/20|Categories: Campaigns|Tags: |

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Many of us do. The beginning of the year is a good time to focus on improving our lives and making the world a better place. Of course, resolutions can be hard to keep... ...but there is one resolution you can make today that's so easy to keep [...]