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You can help improve the world. It only takes a moment!

2016/01/07|Categories: Campaigns|

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could improve the world around us – if we could make it a better place for ourselves and loved ones? And yet, we are overcome by how hard we think that would be. Today, I'm writing to tell you it's not hard at all. By supporting the vital work [...]

A special gift at a special time of year!

2015/11/09|Categories: Campaigns|Tags: |

Dear Friend, On December 3rd 2012, Beth Harris went to bed early with sharp pains in her stomach. Before that terrible night was over, she was at the hospital identifying the lifeless body of her youngest child. William, age 15, had been killed instantly by a repeat impaired driving offender. "I touched William's hand and [...]

Live every moment as if it were your last!

2015/10/01|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, In her final moments of life, Christa Michaud was on her way to see the man she loved. Christa, age 28, was riding her bike on the sidewalk. She was going to meet her husband, Ryan, when she was struck by a truck that veered off the road. She died almost instantly. "I [...]

What a difference a day can make…just 24 little hours.

2015/09/03|Categories: Campaigns|

Molly Burton discovered that one evening while walking home from the movies. She heard the car before she saw it. There was no time to get out of the way. Molly flew 40 feet before landing in a thicket of blackberry bushes at the bottom of an embankment. "I remember the sound of tires driving [...]

Celebration NOT Devastation!

2015/06/04|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, It was a Friday night in August. School was starting again soon and this was the last major party of the summer. It was going to be great – a real celebration of the season How quickly things can change. How quickly the perfect summer evening can go from celebration to devastation when [...]

There is no “getting over” the loss of my mother

2015/04/27|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, It's Mother's Day and the Mangos family is sitting around the kitchen table. They've been there for hours - telling stories, joking and laughing about everything and anything. Fani can't stop smiling. Elizabeth treasures the memory of those dinners, the look of joy on her mother's face. You see, loving memories are all [...]

Teaching young Canadians to make wise, safe choices

2015/04/27|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Robin was 19 when he got into a car with an impaired driver. That deadly decision led to an aftermath that began with a phone call to his parents in the middle of the night and a frantic rush to the hospital. "An officer was waiting for us in the ER," Teresa recalls. [...]

MADD Canada wishes you not only Happy Holidays…but Safe Holidays

2015/04/27|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, "Happy Holidays!" How many times will you say those words to colleagues, neighbours, friends and family over the next several weeks? Of course, you want your loved ones to be happy during the festive season. But I’m sure you also want something more for them: You want the people in your life to have [...]

See the difference you can make through the eyes of a victim/survivor and a National President

2015/04/27|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, I’m sure you believe MADD Canada is out there saving lives and supporting victims/survivors of impaired driving. But you’re not exactly sure how big of a difference your support can actually make. It was the same for me... And then, in 2008, I lost my dear son, Craig. He died in his friend’s [...]

MADD Canada gave us the strength to know our lives were going to move on

2015/04/23|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Something woke Susan in the middle of an August night in 2011. Perhaps she sensed her life was about to change forever... Minutes later the police were at her door. They asked about her 23-year-old daughter, Ashley, and Susan knew instantly something terrible had happened. She began to tremble. "I sat down on [...]