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MADD Canada gave us the strength to know our lives were going to move on

2015/04/23|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, Something woke Susan in the middle of an August night in 2011. Perhaps she sensed her life was about to change forever... Minutes later the police were at her door. They asked about her 23-year-old daughter, Ashley, and Susan knew instantly something terrible had happened. She began to tremble. "I sat down on [...]

Why you should support MADD Canada?

2015/04/23|Categories: Campaigns|

Dear Friend, There are so many ways I could answer that question. But there's one reason that really stands out for me. I think it will for you too... Your support for MADD Canada will help keep you and your loved ones safer as you travel our Canadian roads! Many people think the impaired driving problem in [...]