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Go Nourished

2019/12/18|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

MADD Canada is proud of its collaboration with Go Nourished - Canada's technology leader in premium vending, allowing us to extend our impact and reach into communities across Canada. Each participating Go Nourished smart market machine (healthy snacks and beverages) deployed in Canada will make a monthly contribution towards the goal of generating $100,000 for MADD Canada annually. [...]

Pringles Power Vending Program

2019/02/13|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

The Pringles Power Vending program is placing Pringles dispensers in convenient locations from coast to coast in support of MADD Canada. At just $2 per can, these irresistible snacks are helping MADD Canada in its mission to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime. The annual fundraising goal for this program [...]

MADD Canada Mittens

2017/11/23|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

Kootenay Knitting Company Ltd. Is proud to manufacture and distribute MADD Mittens to retailers and Corporations across Canada. The MADD Mitten Campaign is a highly visible ‘hearts and soul’ program that is a uniting force within communities, engaging family, friends and colleagues in MADD Canada’s mission to stop impaired driving and to support victims of [...]

Multi-Cause Ontario & Maritimes

2016/09/02|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

MADD Canada is supported by Multi-Cause Ont and Multi-Cause Maritimes. Multi-Cause Ont and Maritimes is a company in business to service other businesses with a treat display. The display is placed in businesses based on an honour system all across Ontario and the Maritimes. Multi-Cause Ont and Maritimes believes in “Paying it forward” and donates [...]

Donate A Car Canada

2015/05/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|Tags: |

Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Donate you car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We provide free towing in many areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car to Donate A [...]

Get a BMO® MADD Mastercard®* today!

2015/05/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

When you shop with your MADD Canada MasterCard®* from BMO® Bank of Montreal, every purchase you make helps support MADD Canada stop impaired driving and support victims – at no additional cost to you. BMO is one of MADD Canada’s long standing community partners. We are working with BMO to build a successful Affinity Card [...]

Donate your Shoppers Drug Mart® Point and/or Hudson’s Bay Rewards

2015/04/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

We have a great opportunity for you to support MADD Canada made available by Shoppers Drug Mart® and Hudson's Bay Rewards. By donating some (or all) of your Shoppers Optimum Points™ and/or your Hudson's Bay Rewards Points to our organization, you are enabling us to use your points at Shoppers Drug Mart® and/or The Bay/Home [...]


2015/04/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|Tags: |

CharityCar.ca has joined up with GreenVehicleDisposal.com to utilize its eco-friendly recycling technology. We are now proud to accept the donation of old vehicles on behalf of MADD Canada. Why not put your old vehicle to a good use that helps save the planet and also help those less fortunate in your community. CharityCar.ca does not [...]

Car Heaven

2015/04/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|Tags: |

Each year in Canada, approximately 1.6 million vehicles are declared no longer fit for the road for reasons such as failed emissions testing or accidents. We may recycle our glass and plastic but most of us never think about recycling our cars. Car Heaven offers car owners across Canada a convenient and cost-effective way to [...]

Red Ribbon Car Magnet

2015/04/20|Categories: Cause-Related Programs|

MADD Canada’s iconic Red Ribbon Car Magnets are available for sale at Canadian Tire. Pick yours up today and show your support for MADD Canada!