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MADD Canada Comment on Visibility Concerns Around New Ontario Licence Plates

2020/02/19|Categories: Online Statement|

The night-time visibility issues with the new licence plates being reported by police and the public is a very serious concern. The ability to clearly see the licence plates is obviously crucial if people need to call police to report suspected impaired drivers, or other dangerous drivers. MADD Canada joins those asking the Government of [...]

Jaymie-Lyne Hancock National President

2020/02/06|Categories: Online Statement|

On August 21st 2014 around 11:00 p.m., Dean Jr. (DJ) Hancock was leaving a hockey tryout when he was struck head on by an impaired driver. Pinned in his vehicle for over an hour, DJ eventually succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene just after midnight on August 22nd 2014. Both of DJ’s [...]

MADD Canada Statement Regarding Ontario Budget 2019

2019/04/12|Categories: Online Statement|

We are awaiting more details on the recent announcements that the Ontario Government has made, but it is clear in its intentions to modernize the province’s alcohol regulations. MADD Canada urges the Government to proceed cautiously, to consult with stakeholders and to ensure the necessary and appropriate resources for enforcement and regulation are in place [...]

MADD Canada Letter to BC Transportation Minister Trevena Regarding Ridesharing Legislation Correspondence

2018/11/23|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: , |

MADD Canada Letter to Minister Trevena Re Bill 55 - November 23 2018 (PDF)

MADD Canada Statement on Ontario’s Proposed Buck a Beer Policy

2018/08/07|Categories: Online Statement|

Lowering the price of alcohol carries implications and risks for public safety. Lower alcohol prices can lead to increased consumption, particularly among those with alcohol problems, and among young people, and that increased consumption can in turn lead to increased alcohol-related problems, including impaired driving. The impact extends beyond the price of a beer. There [...]

Why Mandatory Roadside Breath Screening?

2017/05/11|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: |

The Liberal government recently introduced Bill C-46, which would update, simplify and rationalize the federal impaired driving law. In terms of traffic safety, the most important change is the “mandatory alcohol screening” (MAS) provision. However, defence lawyers and others claim that the current law works well and that MAS is unnecessary. It is difficult to [...]

MADD Canada Statement on New Impaired Driving Legislation

2017/04/13|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: , |

Impaired driving is a crime that claims nearly twice as many lives each year in Canada as all forms of homicide combined, and it is entirely preventable. MADD Canada welcomes the legislation announced today as a significant reform of our country’s impaired driving laws. Today’s proposed legislation will improve screening and detection measures for drivers [...]

MADD Canada Statement Clarifying Position on Taxis

2017/03/17|Categories: Online Statement|

MADD Canada continues to support and promote taxis as a highly valuable option for sober transportation. Our policy on this has not changed. A recent media story included comments from a spokesperson who was speaking from the perspective of a mother with two daughters, and within the context of a recent Nova Scotia court case [...]

MADD Canada Supports Availability of Personal Breathalyzers As Educational Tool

2016/12/05|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: , |

A recent report by Protégez-Vous and press release by CAA-Quebec rejected the use of personal breathalyzers products, noting they cannot be used as evidence in court. MADD Canada wishes to set the record straight regarding the usage and benefit of these devices. The intended purpose of such devices was never to provide evidence in court [...]

MADD Canada Statement on Proposed Changes to Saskatchewan’s Alcohol Sales System

2015/11/18|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: |

Online Statement November 18, 2015 Today’s announcement by the Government of Saskatchewan represents a significant expansion of privatized alcohol sales in the province, and MADD Canada is very concerned about the potential negative impact it will have on health and public safety. Alcohol is no ordinary commodity and it should not be sold as one. [...]