Lethbridge Herald
December 3, 2017

Cornerstone Funeral Home knows firsthand how deadly impaired driving can be, which is why they are pairing up with MADD Canada for Project Red Ribbon.

The campaign aims to put a stop to impaired driving during the holiday season. Businesses and community members can wear a red ribbon, or tie it to their car or personal belongings to show their support.

“We wear them to honour the victims and survivors of impaired driving,” said Anita Huchala, community leader for the Lethbridge and area branch of MADD Canada.

But it’s also a symbol of commitment to not drive impaired. “It also sends a message to other people to drive sober,” she said.

The nationwide campaign runs annually from Nov. 1 to the first Monday of the new year.

When Cornerstone was approached by the Lethbridge branch, business manager Travis Zentner said it was important for them to show their support.

“We’re some of the first people to see what happens when people enjoy too much during the holiday season and drink and drive. We see the after-effects of that so we want to make sure we’re promoting the red ribbon campaign for safe driving, sober driving and ensuring we’re supporting that part of our community,” he said.

The holiday season can often be one of the hardest times of year to lose a loved one, which is why Zentner would be happy if no one came to the funeral home at all during this time of year, especially as a result of something that could have been avoided, like drinking and driving.

On average, four Canadians are killed every day as a result of impaired driving, according to MADD Canada.

The annual Christmas Check Stop campaign is under way and the Lethbridge Police Service will be doing its part in preventing dangerous driving.

While police will may be apprehending impaired drivers this holiday season, MADD and Cornerstone volunteers will help reward designated or sober drivers.

Volunteers will be on scene during a few check stops this year. “We’re tying ribbons on vehicles that are driving sober,” said Zentner, adding they’ll be attaching ribbons to their vehicles as well.