Dear Friend,

I have an urgent reason for writing to you today.

We have a situation here in Canada that is frankly keeping me up at night. It’s a situation that’s putting our families, friends and all Canadians at a greater risk on our roads.

I’m speaking about drug-impaired driving.

We already have high rates of drug-impaired driving use, particularly marijuana, in this country. Now we’re looking at the strong possibility that marijuana for recreational use will be legalized before the proper laws and tools are in place to better catch and charge drug-impaired drivers.

It’s nothing short of a recipe for disaster on our roads.

We must act fast to protect our loved ones in the face of this threat.

Now, with this urgent situation before us, I ask you to please take action that could save your life and the lives of your family. By making a gift you’ll help us continue our efforts on this important matter.

As I’ve said, the situation is critical. Roadside surveys indicate that driving after drug use is nearly as prevalent as driving after drinking alcohol. In fact, drugs are now present in fatal road crash deaths more frequently than alcohol – 24.1% for drugs versus 18.7% for alcohol.

The good news is the technology to conduct simple, inexpensive roadside tests for drugs is already available. Similar to the way the breathalyzer detects alcohol, this technology has been adopted in several Australian states and Western European countries. And, it’s working!

With drug-impaired driving rates already on the rise, and the legalization of marijuana on the horizon, the need for better testing measures for drugged drivers is greater than ever. And so is the need for your support.

With your gift today, you’ll be there every time we meet with legislators to convince them of the need for improved drug detection measures, including roadside testing for drivers. You’ll be there as we urge the federal government to establish legal limits for driving for the most common illicit drugs.

Your gift today will also enable us to reach out to the victims and survivors of impaired driving – the 20,000 devastated Canadians who will turn to us for support and understanding this year.

I admit thinking about drug-impaired driving and the senseless destruction it can potentially bring to our loved ones keeps me awake at night. It’s a recipe for disaster.

And then I remember there are people like you.

Your support for MADD Canada gives us the strength to continue our work to educate the public and promote legislative measures on the issue of drug-impaired driving. It gives me hope that we can make the streets safer for all Canadians.

But we must act fast! Please give the most generous gift you can. Together we can turn a recipe for disaster into a recipe for hope.

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada