Dear Friend:

I never thought anything so tragic and senseless could happen to our family.

But then there was my husband, Terry, watching his son being wheeled quickly to the operating room, leaving a trail of blood behind him. There was the doctor saying, “I’m sorry. There’s nothing we could do. Nicholas is gone.”

That was the day I learned nightmares can come true. People can lose their lives because of someone’s deadly choice. Devastated loved ones can be left behind, trying in vain to make sense of something so incomprehensible.

Having a loved one killed by an impaired driver happened to my family. Sadly, it can also happen to yours. That’s why your support for MADD Canada is so important. Only by working together, can we stop this crime!

My name is Patricia Hynes-Coates and I’m the new National President of MADD Canada. I’m honoured to have this opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless – to all the victims like Nicholas who cannot speak for themselves.

No family deserves to live with the consequences of someone else’s destructive choices and I want to do everything in my power to help prevent this from happening to other families like yours, to help in the fight against impaired driving.

I hope you’ll stand with me as we fight against impaired driving. Your special gift will reach out to thousands of shattered families like mine. It will work toward protecting your own family on our roads and waterways.

It’s hard to describe the emotional and physical impact Nicholas’ death had on our family. The pain we each feel is immeasurable.

MADD Canada gave us a place to put our energies, frustrations and concerns. They helped to give us a reason to get up each day, when we felt our reality was too harsh to face.

Your gift today will help MADD Canada continue to work for stronger impaired driving legislation. It will fund vital programs like Campaign 911 and Project Red Ribbon and help keep this critical issue top-of-mind in our communities.

Your support is also needed to educate our younger generation about the deadly consequences of driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. With your help, we plan to show our School Assembly Program to one million students this school year.

Then there are the victims and survivors of impaired driving – those families who never thought anything so tragic or senseless could ever happen to them. With your generosity today, we’ll keep reaching out with compassion and understanding through our Victim/Survivor Support Services.

On an August morning, our family discovered there are some nightmares you can’t wake up from. Since that horrible day, we also discovered there are people who want to make a difference in the hearts of victims, on the streets we travel every day.

We discovered there are caring people like you! Please send your gift today!

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada