Dear Friend,

When Justine Ellis got out of bed that Monday morning, she had no idea her husband, Stuart, had already been killed by an impaired driver.

The deadly crash happened that morning at 5:45am while Stuart was driving to work. He died leaving behind his 14-month-old son and Justine, newly pregnant with their second child.

Justine never expected to lose her 28-year-old husband in an impaired driving crash – especially in the morning on a weekday. But tragically, impaired driving can happen at any time. Even in the daylight hours, even on bright summer days like the ones ahead.

In fact, summer has the highest number of impaired driving crashes than any other time of year. When it comes to safety on our roads, we can never let down our guard.

I also hope you’ll take this opportunity to support MADD Canada. I know these are difficult times with many Canadians feeling the financial effects of COVID-19. Organizations including MADD Canada are feeling it too which makes your generosity even more critical. Your special gift will help us continue to focus on eliminating impaired driving and supporting victims especially during the summer months.

After the crash, Justine was instantly terrified the stress she was under would cause her to lose her pregnancy. “It intensified the grieving process,”” she says.

Thankfully, Justine’s baby, a little boy, was born healthy. But it hasn’t been easy.

Justine moved back in with her parents who help take care of her two boys. And when she needed someone to help take care of her shattered heart, Justine turned to MADD Canada.

It’s your generosity that makes it possible for us to reach out to victims and survivors like Justine during a time of crushing loss and heartbreak. Thanks to you, they have access to compassionate support and understanding for as long as they need it.

Your support also keeps our vital awareness programs like Campaign 911 going strong 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As summer begins, I urge you to be vigilant every time you travel our roads and highways – even first thing in the morning. After all, there are impaired drivers who think they’re okay to drive just because they’ve had a few hours of sleep after partying the night before.

The reality is impaired driving can happen at any time. That’s why your gift today is so important. Your support will fund programs that help keep you and your loved ones safer from impaired driving any time of the day or night.

However you choose to give, please be generous. Your support will help us keep up the fight against impaired driving until the day comes when it doesn’t happen at all.

Wishing you a safe and happy summer,

Jaymie-Lyne Hancock
National President
MADD Canada