Dear Friend,

In her final moments of life, Christa Michaud was on her way to see the man she loved.

Christa, age 28, was riding her bike on the sidewalk. She was going to meet her husband, Ryan, when she was struck by a truck that veered off the road. She died almost instantly.

“I couldn’t believe my soulmate was gone,” Ryan admits. “Our life was a fairy tale come true, but it ended in terrible tragedy – destroyed by one man’s stupid decision to drive impaired.”

It’s hard to accept that life as we know it can end in a moment. But the truth is we never know when we’ll say goodbye to a friend or loved one for the final time.

That’s why we need to adopt Christa’s motto and live every moment as if it were our last. And part of living life to the fullest is to reach out to others who need our help and who are dealing with sorrow and pain. It’s doing everything we can to prevent this senseless tragedy from destroying more lives.

With the special donation you make today you’re doing something exceptional toward the safety of yourself, your family and friends – as no one wants the precious moments they spend with their family this season to be their last.

Your gift will benefit impaired driving victims/survivors like Ryan. It will help us to make our roads and highways safer for your own loved ones.

As I’m sure you can imagine, losing Christa less than a year after they were married, devastated Ryan. “I felt the worst emotions I’ve ever had to deal with,” he says. “Christa and I had spent every moment together and rebuilding my life without her was the hardest part of losing her. She brought out the best in me and taught me how to live to the fullest.”

But, thanks to caring supporters just like you, Ryan didn’t have to go through this terrible time alone. He attended our National Conference for Victims of Impaired Driving and met other victims and survivors who had found hope and support through our Victim/Survivor Services.

Your generosity today will help us comfort and support the 20,000 impaired driving victims and survivors who will turn to us this year. Together, we’ll continue to work for stronger impaired driving legislation and keep awareness programs like Project Red Ribbon going strong…

Every holiday season, MADD Canada distributes over 1 million red ribbons for Canadians to tie on their vehicles, purses, backpacks, etc. as a visible symbol of their commitment to driving sober. It is also a tribute to the four people who are killed and the 175 people who are injured in Canada every day due to this senseless crime!

This year, we’re specifically honouring Christa in our Project Red Ribbon campaign. “I’m hoping Canadians will see Christa’s photo on posters and bookmarks and think twice before driving impaired,” Ryan says. Every victim should be remembered and their deaths/injuries stand as a sacrifice until this crime can be stopped.”

The holidays are a special time to gather with family and friends, a time to appreciate the love and happiness they bring into our lives. Your support for MADD Canada works toward helping protect your loved ones on our roads. It is a gift that will have meaning every moment of their lives. Thank you!

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada