Kitchener Today
November 1, 2019

Up to four people are killed each day as a result of impaired driving crashes in Canada.

MADD Canada is looking to encouraging people to always drive sober through their Project Red Ribbon Campaign.

The campaign was officially launched on Friday at Waterloo Regional Police Headquarters. It will run until the beginning of January.

MADD volunteers across Canada will be distributing thousands of red ribbons and car decals to the public as a symbol of their commitment to always driving sober.

Steve Bowden is one of those volunteers, he currently serves as the Waterloo Region Chapter President. Bowden joined the MADD team back in September of 2016 after learning that his friend’s son died when he was struck by an impaired driver.

“If I am out in the malls or out at RIDE programs, I feel like I am contributing something positive to the community. If we can stop at least one driver from getting behind the wheel, then we are heading in the right direction.”

Regional Police have once again teamed up with MADD Canada to do their part in keeping impaired drivers off the roads. They will be conducting ride checks during this holiday season.

“We believe in zero tolerance in the sense that if you have one drink, if you lawfully enjoy cannabis, find an alternative way home,” said Police Chief Bryan Larkin. “It’s important for us to continue to raise awareness. The festive RIDE season is a season of holiday parties, different events where people socialize. We want people to enjoy, but we want people to enjoy responsibly.”

Larkin said not only do impaired driving crashes impact peoples lives forever, they have significant impact on public safety and our health care system.

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