A recent report by Protégez-Vous and press release by CAA-Quebec rejected the use of personal breathalyzers products, noting they cannot be used as evidence in court.

MADD Canada wishes to set the record straight regarding the usage and benefit of these devices. The intended purpose of such devices was never to provide evidence in court or dispute the readings of breathalyzer tests administered by police. The only breathalyzer test reading which counts, and which can be used in court to prove impairment, is the one from the approved screening device used by police.

MADD Canada supports the role that quality personal breathalyzers can play in helping people understand BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels. These devices, when used correctly, have great value in helping people identify risky levels of impairment so they can adapt their behaviour and prevent impaired driving. In fact, MADD Canada partners with Alco Prevention, a leading distributor of high quality personal breathalyzer products, to raise awareness about BAC levels and to encourage people to always make safe and sober driving decisions.

As always, MADD Canada recommends people separate their drinking from their driving entirely. The safest way to operate a motorized vehicle is with zero alcohol consumption.