Truro Daily News
June 19, 2019

Susan MacAskill hopes funding from 100 Women Who Care Truro will help save lives.

MADD Cobequid was chosen as the recipient of the group’s June donation, which was about $6,000.

“This is a big help to us,” said Susan MacAskill, the regional manager for MADD Canada. “It’ll help fund the multimedia presentations we take to schools. A new one is created each year and tells the stories of people impacted by impaired driving. The message is to be careful and make smart choices, and we’d like to see this go into each school in Colchester at least every other year.”

The donation will also enable MADD to buy some office supplies for the new space they’ve been given at The Snore Shop.

“We set things up with the Fatal Vision goggles and we’re looking at purchasing a little go cart that can be used with them,” said MacAskill.

“Donations also help with things like banners, memorial benches, training and the awareness items we hand out.”

MADD Cobequid was easily chosen as the recipient of the June donation. There are usually three organizations presenting at the 100 Women Who Care meetings, with members voting during the evening. One of the groups planning to present in June was unable to attend. Another, Caregivers Nova Scotia, did a presentation to make people more aware of what they do, but withdrew from the competition because they received government funds.