Medicine Hat News
November 5, 2019

Lethbridge Herald

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada has launched its holiday Red Ribbon campaign to remind people and encourage them to drive sober this holiday season.

The red ribbon symbolizes the importance of always driving sober as well as honouring the innocent victims of impaired driving. Although great strides have been made over the years to reduce impaired driving, MADD Lethbridge & Area representatives say it continues to be a problem and they hope people will take part in supporting this year’s campaign.

“This morning we gather to kick off our Project Red Ribbon,” said Anita Huchala, president of MADD Lethbridge & Area, at an event Monday at Lethbridge Police Service headquarters. “During this time, members of MADD Canada chapters and community leaders will join together handing out red ribbons and car decals in our communities to display as a commitment to drive sober. The ribbons also serve as a tribute to the thousands of victims killed or injured each year in crashes, involving alcohol and or drugs.”

Lethbridge Police Service has been a long-time partner with MADD Canada and has marked all of its police vehicles with a red ribbon or window decal through the campaign. Police say impaired driving is a year-round occurrence, but around the holidays more people are encouraged to consume, resulting in impaired drivers.

Through the campaign, police hope people will think before they drive and make the responsible decisions on getting home safe.

“Lethbridge Police Service is very proud to partner with MADD and their project, Red Ribbon Campaign,” says LPS Chief Scott Woods. “Impaired driving continues to be a problem on roadways, particularly in the city of Lethbridge, so we certainly stand behind what they are trying to do here. Police and other first responders unfortunately had to see the effects of impaired driving first hand and what it can do to individuals in our community, so we would like to get the message out that there is always a choice. Make sure you think ahead before you go out, plan, don’t drive if you have been consuming alcohol or don’t drink at all.”

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a major concern for first responders and MADD Canada, and throughout the season they are encouraging communities to take the pledge to not drive under the influence.

“It’s a very easy fix and is 100 per cent preventable, and it is just a matter of making good choices at the right times and be prepared to have an alternative to getting home besides climbing behind the wheel and driving,” says Woods.

Ribbons and car decals to show support for the campaign are available at various locations throughout the city, including LPS headquarters.