Strathmore Now
March 19, 2019

National Impaired Driving Prevention Week is running from March 17-23. It is a week dedicated to educating Canadians on the importance of not driving while impaired.

According to Aaron Libby, check stop coordinator and director for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), said impaired driving is 100 per cent preventable. He said, “there’s so many options out there, companies that you can phone. Phone a friend, a parent, a spouse. There’s absolutely no need to drive impaired whether it’s drugs, alcohol. Impairment is impairment.”

Libby talked about National Impaired Driving Prevention Week, “I think it’s good, it was struck last year. It’s another avenue to try to get the message out.”

Libby said the main message that should be taken from the week is everyone can prevent it from either driving sober, or having a designated driver. He said, “four people on average a day are killed due to impaired driving, and about 200 per day are injured from impaired driving.”

Libby talked about the risks of impaired driving, “other than the risks being heft fines, and no insurance, people don’t think they are going to hurt somebody, but then if they do they have that to live with as well.”