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MADD wants to start a chapter in Estevan

Michelle Okere, the chapter services manager for Saskatchewan for MADD, has been in the community recently, including the impaired driving roundtable session that the Estevan Police Service (EPS) hosted last month. One of the recommendations [...]

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MADD Canada Supporting Tougher Roadside Measures

Magic 99.9 March 12, 2018 MADD Canada is urging Canada's Senate to give its support the bill C-46. It's the legislation that identifies driving limits for cannabis, new roadside testing devices for police and mandatory [...]

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‘Naive approach’ or ‘having an impact’?: Why P.E.I. jails drunk drivers

CBC March 12, 2018 It's docket day in provincial court in downtown Charlottetown. This is where most people charged with crimes on P.E.I. make their first appearance, and the courtroom is packed. On one side [...]

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Don’t Get Behind The Wheel When High

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The challenges of policing drivers impaired by pot use

Breakfast Television March 2018 The use of recreational marijuana is expected to be legalized this summer, but new rules regarding driving while high aren’t expected to come into effect fully until at least December. In [...]

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P.E.I. students warned about dangers of driving high

CBC March 7, 2018 Just months before recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is taking a new approach with its annual student education campaign — one focused on the dangers of [...]

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