Dear Friend,

“Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.”

LaToya stood in her living room trying to process what the officer was saying. Cassius was her baby brother – nine years younger than she was. When he was little, she had made his lunches and taught him how to tie his shoes. How could he be gone?

“I started crying and crying,” LaToya recalls. “Cassius was pronounced dead in the same hospital he was born – his body destroyed. An impaired driver killed him.”

From that horrible moment on, LaToya and her family struggled with their over-the-edge emotions. “My mom was in shock. Nobody could function. I watched everyone in my family shut down,” LaToya says.

Sadly, one bad decision can take a family like LaToya’s over the edge of grief and despair. That’s the painful truth thousands of impaired driving victims and survivors grapple with every day.

But a good decision to make a donation to MADD Canada can help victims/survivors cope with their overwhelming sorrow and anger. And, it can help educate young people not to make a decision with potentially deadly consequences.

With your support for MADD Canada, you can reach out to victims/survivors of impaired driving. And you can help us do everything in our power to prevent others from having to experience the over-the-edge emotions that come with losing a loved one to this crime.

Today, your special gift will help fund critical programs like Victim Support Services and our powerful School Assembly Program that’s changing the way youth make decisions.

Our School Assembly Program is making a strong impact. In a 2018 survey among students who had seen the program, 74% said it makes them want to make the right decision when it comes to impaired driving.

And, happily, students aren’t forgetting our message. Many of the anti-impaired driving attitudes students expressed when they saw the presentation still exist at similar or even higher levels three months later.

“The School Assembly Program is shining a light on the issue for students,” says LaToya. “It’s opening their minds to the risks of impaired driving.”

This program is one of our largest and furthest reaching programs. And your gift today will help bring our new show, “Over the Edge” to more schools and into the hearts of more students this school year.

With your help, students will hear many correlated messages that go beyond impaired driving. They’ll learn about the dangers of smoking cannabis, binge drinking, accepting rides from impaired drivers, peer pressure, and much more.

Your gift will also help make our roads safer by helping us work with governments on stronger legislation and by funding vital awareness programs like Project Red Ribbon and Campaign 911.

And, of course, it will help us be there for the 20,000 victims/survivors who turn to us each year. “A MADD Canada Victim Services Volunteer attended every court date with us and held my mom’s hand,” says LaToya. “Without this type of support, victims like me wouldn’t know where to begin or what to do.”

Please give generously today. With you by our side, we can help our young people and drivers across Canada make safe choices. We can be there for families like LaToya’s when someone’s bad decision to drive impaired takes them over the edge.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Andy Murie
Chief Executive Officer
MADD Canada