Dear Friend,

During this season of gratitude Canadians everywhere are taking time out of their busy lives to reflect on the many things and people they are grateful for.

I’m sure you’re immensely thankful for your own family and friends. And with your support for MADD Canada, you can play a key role in making our roads safer – what a wonderful way to show your appreciation for everything they mean to you.

Today, my heart is also filled with gratitude. I’m immensely thankful to our loyal and compassionate supporters. They do so much with their generosity, and now you too can join our wonderful circle of supporters.

With your support, you will help us raise awareness about impaired driving through vital programs like Campaign 911 and Project Red Ribbon. You will help us bring our School Assembly Program to millions of students and educate them about the perils of driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

You will help us do everything in our power to save lives and support victims and survivors of impaired driving. That’s a lot for me and all Canadians to be thankful for.

So, today, I hope you’ll find it in your heart to offer your thoughtful support for MADD Canada’s lifesaving work. Your special gift will be deeply appreciated and make a big difference on Canada’s roads and in the lives of thousands of victims/survivors.

Many of the 20,000 devastated individuals who turn to our Victim Services each year desperately need someone to talk to or accompany them to court. Others benefit from attending our National Conference for Victims of Impaired Driving.

And so, it isn’t just me and all of us at MADD Canada who are immensely thankful for donor generosity. Every week we hear from victims and survivors whose broken hearts have begun to heal, thanks to donor support. Here are a few examples of what they’ve said about caring supporters:

“A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who gives money and makes programs and services possible. The support we’ve been given is unbelievable.” ~ Kim Hancock

“My heart goes out to donors. I love everyone who supports MADD Canada. With your support, you’re helping all victims, families and communities. Your support goes deep. Because of you, people are being helped every day.” ~ Alain Gareau

I wanted to share these words with you today because you deserve to know firsthand the impact your support can have for MADD Canada. Your generosity will help victims/survivors at the darkest time in their life.

Your donation will fund essential awareness and education programs. It will help us fight for stronger impaired driving legislation and build on the strides we’ve already made. It will ensure we can continue to reach out to victims/survivors with the understanding and compassion they urgently need.

You can play a huge role in every achievement we celebrate; in every life saved on our roads and waterways; in every victim/survivor touched by your support … and for that, I am forever grateful.

I cannot say it enough, thank you!

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada