Monday, April 8, 2019

The local branch of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is waiting for details on upcoming changes that would allow for tailgating before a sports game, but it hopes the province proceeds with caution.

The provincial government is expected to make the announcement when the Ontario budget is handed down on Thursday that would allow people to drink in parking lots at sporting events.

“We will need to see what the specifics around this plan are introduced, but we believe the government should proceed cautiously and ensure extra safety precautions, controls and enforcement are in place before hand,” says local MADD community leader Chaouki Hamka.

He says stadiums would also have to make sure that staff in the stadium are not serving people who are already intoxicated because no one is monitoring how much someone is drinking.

“We don’t know the percentage of alcohol, what they are drinking, how much they are drinking, it is not monitored.”

Local MADD Community Leader Chaouki Hamka says stadiums also play a role because staff and servers need to be aware they are serving people who may have had a few drinks, “to ensure those people are not overserved.”

But Hamka adds it doesn’t matter if someone is drinking at a bar, party or in a parking lot, a designated driver is always key.