Dear Friend,

This past month our minds turned to Valentine’s Day –hearts, flowers and loved ones. But tragically, many people have lost loved ones to impaired driving crashes and losses due to injuries. It’s to these people that our hearts go out to today.

Victims and survivors need to have a safe place to share their despair and know that they are not alone – your donation will help them find this place… at the National Candlelight Vigil of Hope and Remembrance.

Victims/survivors attend the Vigil at no cost to themselves. We need your help today to make sure they can come to feel the warmth and support of those sharing in their sorrow. People like Shauna and Leanne…

“The Candlelight Vigil was one of the most moving and emotional services. We were truly thankful for this service, for honouring our Cody’s life. Given the immense grief and pain we were feeling, the Vigil was breathtakingly beautiful and we felt so much love in that room.” Shauna Andrews (lost her son Cody)

“The Candlelight Vigil was an absolute soul-touching experience. As the Candles were lit one by one, the darkness was replaced with a comforting glow. It united all of us who were grieving for the same reason.” Leanne Fewchuk (lost her son Tanner)

Please donate today and let victims/survivors know your heart goes out to them. Thank you.

All the best to you and yours,

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada