2013 Ipsos-Reid Survey of Impaired Driving Victims

In 2013 MADD Canada commissioned Ipsos-Reid to conduct a survey of impaired driving victims who have received support from the National Office or their local Chapter/Community Leader. We thank all of you who generously participated in this survey. The results of the survey showed that the respondents were generally very satisfied and thankful for the support they received. There were also some areas for improvements that we could identify and as a result the National Office has been able to enhance the Victim Services program.

This includes:

  • Changing “victim” to “victim/survivor” in our materials and terminology to be more inclusive of those who would prefer to be called a “survivor” of this violent crime.
  • Redesigning the victim/survivor pages on our web site to reflect all our support services for bereaved and for injured. As well, the Victim/Survivor Tributes section is being enhanced and redesigned. We’ve also provided links on the victim/survivor page to show what initiatives we are working on to stop impaired driving.
  • Producing separate outreach brochures and cards for bereaved victims/survivors and for injured victims/survivors. These will be used to do outreach to victims/survivors in the earlier stages of a crash.
    Working with the Chapters/Community Leader groups to ensure victim/survivor calls and emails are given top priority and are answered within 24 hours.
  • Adding 13 new English victim/survivor brochures to our web site. These were produced by MADD US and we were granted permission to adapt them for our use. Several of these will also be available in French over time.
  • Ensure that in our outreach, materials and training that injured victims/survivors are also aware that our services are available to them.

As these new materials become available they will be sent out to our Chapters and Community Leaders along with instructions on how to use them.

In addition, we will be working with our Victim Services Volunteers (VSVs) to do outreach to victim/survivors as soon as possible in a sensitive and compassionate manner and to continue support until the victim/survivor indicates that they no longer need their services.

Thank you again to those who participated in our survey and to the local VSVs for all the work you do to support the victims/survivors of this violent crime. It is greatly appreciated.

Victim/Survivor Survey – How Can We Help?

The information contained on this survey is forwarded directly to the National Victim Services Manager of MADD Canada.

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