MADD Canada Multi-Media Contest

Are you creative? Graphically-inclined? Do you think you can direct a movie? Do you have a way with words? MADD Canada wants you to enter your production for the Annual Multi-Media Contest.

MADD Canada recognizes the unique perspective and insight of youth, especially in messaging towards their peers. In order to cultivate and encourage youth involvement in the fight against impaired driving, MADD Canada’s Multi-media awards will be given to individuals or teams.  The contest is restricted to youth 24 years of age or under.

Contest deadline: May 1st annually

Application Form (PDF) EN | FR

2020 MADD Canada Multi Media Contest Winners

National Poster Contest

MADD Canada created the National Poster Contest to reach out to young people who will someday drive on our roads and make decisions in our communities. This contest provides young Canadians with an opportunity to express their concerns about the dangers of impaired driving in a creative way.

Anyone can enter the contest at either the local or National level. The age categories are: 10 years and under and 11 to 14 years. For more details on the contest, including prize and entry details, click here for the Application Form (PDF) EN | FR

2020 Matthew Paul Carvalho Poster Contest winners