MADD Canada is looking for youth leaders who want to take action!

Making the right decisions regarding drugs, drinking and driving is a powerful first step.
Having the inspiration and dedication to help and educate others is another powerful step!

Here are some ways you can get involved with the fight to stop impaired driving:

Get involved with your local MADD Canada Chapter

Find the closest MADD Canada Chapter to you and get involved! Find out what you can do to increase awareness in your community on the dangers of impaired driving.

Get active in your school. Download the Youth Resource Manual

Youth Resource Manual (PDF) has been created especially for schools and youth clubs across Canada. It provides explanations about the effects of impaired driving, as well as creative ideas to raise awareness and make a difference.

Overview of the Youth Resource Manual approach:

The manual is set up by sections according to different activities that schools can do.

  • Education and Awareness Section: The recommended activities require minimal planning and for the most part can be completed by one teacher and a group of students.
  • Fundraising Section: More involved than the Education and Awareness Section, the activities outlined in this section require the help of more than one teacher.
  • MADD Canada/Community Leader Section: Most, if not all, of the events outlined in this section require extensive planning and the need to contact a third party in order to make the event happen. A true challenge!
  • Resources: In this section, you can find all the latest resource tools necessary for each activity.

For more information, contact MADD Canada at 1-800-665-6233 or