MADD Canada’s School Assembly Programs bring high-energy drug and alcohol impaired driving awareness and risk reduction messaging to the world of education.

Youth and school programming have been a key component of MADD Canada’s youth services, education and awareness initiatives since 1994. The programs are designed to communicate directly with young people on their level and in their language and encourage them to take a closer look at their values and perceptions.

The 2017-2018 School Assembly Program, The Pact, is the story of Zoe who is struggling to fit in and make friends at her new school.  After winding up in detention for skipping class, Zoe meets a group of people – James, Charli, Nisha and Will – who invite her to a party that night.  At the party, Zoe and James start to really hit it off, and Zoe is feeling optimistic that she is finally making some new friends.  Nisha ends up having too much to drink and Charli offers to drive her home, which leaves Zoe and Will without a ride.  Zoe has a car, but she’s been drinking, so she can’t drive.  James offers to drive them and Charli isn’t sure it’s a good idea because he’s been smoking marijuana, but Zoe convinces her it will be ok because James didn’t have anything to drink.  A few hours later, Will decides to head home with someone else, so at the end of the night it’s just Zoe that James is driving home.  On the way home, Zoe can see that James is not ok to drive, but she’s afraid to say something and ruin their new relationship.  The car ends up crashing, changing all of their lives forever and leading to a special pact between the friends.

For more information about cost, availability or to book a presentation please call MADD Canada at: 1-800-665-6233/Toronto area: 905-829-8805 (please see below for the representative for your Region):

  • Western Canada (BC, AB & SK) – Laura Hull, ext. 233 or email
  • Eastern Ontario – Laura Hull, ext. 233 or email
  • Northern Ontario, Quebec & Manitoba – Annie LeBel ext. 234, or email
  • Atlantic provinces – Gisèle Franck, ext 244, or email
  • South and Central Ontario – Charlene Goodwin, ext. 232 or email

Need more information? Try the FAQ. If your school would like to make a donation to MADD Canada to help support programs such as the School Assembly Program, Victim Services, and Public Awareness Campaigns, please click here. Thank you for your support, together we will empower Canadians and save lives!

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