Weed Out the Risk (WOTR) is a classroom program, developed by Springboard with additional content from and delivered by MADD Canada, that challenges teens’ misconceptions about cannabis and presents the real risks of using cannabis and driving, or being a passenger in a vehicle with an impaired driver, in a non-judgemental manner. The program engages teens in discussion through interactive discussions, games, activities and videos.

Our trained facilitators deliver this one period program at schools to each of their grades 9-12 classes, one at a time, at no cost. Our program messaging has been directly linked to the school curriculums and the program can be accommodated within the scheduling complexities of your school.

This program is endorsed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Canada (CAMH), Cannabis Canada, teachers, and most importantly, by the students who have participated in the program – over 80,000 youth have participated in Weed Out the Risk since 2015.

For more information about availability or to book a presentation please call MADD Canada at: 1-800-665-6233/Toronto area: 905-829-8805 (please see below for the representative for your Region):

  • Central Ontario & Western Canada – Claire Brown ext. 279 or email cbrown@madd.ca
  • Eastern/North Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Quebec – Shannon Hughes ext. 226 or email shughes@madd.ca