Dear Friend,

I’m sure you believe MADD Canada is out there saving lives and supporting victims/survivors of impaired driving. But you’re not exactly sure how big of a difference your support can actually make. It was the same for me…

And then, in 2008, I lost my dear son, Craig. He died in his friend’s arms at the scene of an impaired driving crash. In that instant, I knew nothing would ever touch my heart the same way again.

But one sleepless night, I stumbled onto the MADD Canada website. It changed my life and restored my hope. Thanks to the support I received, I began to heal. And I saw on a personal level just how truly vital donor support is.

This past year, my first as MADD Canada’s National President, I saw so much more. I saw the impact of donor support in urban centres, on rural highways, in hundreds of communities and in thousands of wounded hearts.

Today, I want to share that with you, to give you the chance to see through my eyes some of the many accomplishments made possible with donor support.

But before I do, I hope you’ll find it in your own heart to send a special year-end gift of whatever you can manage to MADD Canada. With the holiday season now upon us, I’m thinking ahead to all of the accomplishments yet to come and the difference you can make in the coming year.

I’d like to tell you a little about what I experienced this past year and how, at every turn, I saw donor commitment to MADD Canada in action:

This year, 285 people attended the National Conference for Victims of Impaired Driving. I watched as they walked into the conference, feeling lost, and walked out at the end of the weekend with hearts filled with hope and companionship.

As a survivor myself, I can relate to what the delegates were feeling. Six years ago, I was in their shoes. Today, as President, I want to show every victim/survivor that we can survive with the help of MADD Canada.

With my own eyes, I’ve seen how donor support is helping to raise awareness across the country. I was amazed by the number of Campaign 911 road signs I noticed on even the smallest highways.

And, my first Project Red Ribbon campaign was an inspiration. Our red ribbon is changing attitudes, saving lives and honouring victims/survivors!

This year, I also attended my first School Assembly Program at my son’s school. I saw how young adults were riveted by the images they saw on the screen and the relatable stories they heard. Many students came up to me afterwards to give me a hug and to tell me, “I’m going to remember this.”

These achievements, which people like you help make possible, help me cope with the loss of my son. I miss him every day. But I know I am part of a bigger society – all working together to prevent other families from going through what I went through.

But we still have a lot of work to do. We’re making headway and seeing a lot of changes, but the need for your kind support is there!

It’s been a rewarding year. I saw the difference donor support makes with every accomplishment we celebrated, every grateful victim/survivor I spoke to, every student we reached. Your generosity today means the world to me and to so many other Canadians. I know it would have meant the world to Craig too. Thank you!

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada