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MADD, police raise awareness about impaired driving

2018/12/21|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Stony Plain Reporter December 21, 2018 As we hit the heart of the holiday season with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the absolute last thing anyone wants is for their night to end in tragedy. In an effort to continue to hammer this message home Mothers Against Drunk Driving joined forces with first responders from around the Tri-Region in their [...]

Hundreds could be saved under new impaired driving laws

2018/12/18|Categories: Article|Tags: |

660 NEWS December 18, 2018 CALGARY (660 NEWS) – New impaired driving laws imposed by the federal government went into effect Tuesday. According to the CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Andrew Murie this could save 200 lives within the first year of implementation. “It is the same aspect that has worked so well globally [...]

MADD Grande Prairie welcoming new impaired driving laws

2018/12/18|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Grande Prairie Now December 18, 2018 Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada is welcoming the implementation of mandatory alcohol screening in Canada. New laws came into place at midnight and Tia Marsten, Community Leader with MADD for the Grande Prairie area says the change will save lives and prevent injuries on the road. "Our estimate, is that [...]

Calgary police begin mandatory alcohol screening at Checkstops

2018/12/18|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Edmonton Sun December 18, 2018 Calgary police are hoping new legislation that allows them to conduct breathalyzer tests without “reasonable suspicion” of impairment will lead to fewer drunk drivers on the road. The new law, as part of federal Bill C-46, Mandatory Alcohol Screening, came into effect Tuesday. It allows police officers carrying approved screening devices [...]

‘Tis the season

2018/12/10|Categories: Article, Project Red Ribbon|Tags: |

Lethbridge Herald December 10, 2018 The colours red and blue look gorgeous illuminated on a Christmas tree, but perhaps not so much on a police vehicle after a night of holiday revelry. And drivers who get into the spirits of Christmas a little too much this year can expect to see those blue and red [...]

Lethbridge police keeping eyes peeled for high drivers during the holidays

2018/12/10|Categories: Article, Project Red Ribbon|Tags: |

Global News December 10, 2018 Officers with the Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) had a busy weekend after holding a large-scale check stop Saturday night. Members of the Traffic Response Unit are used to asking drivers if they’ve had anything to drink or if there is alcohol in their vehicle, but this is going to be [...]

No holiday blitz, but Calgary police warn they’re always on watch for drunk drivers

2018/12/06|Categories: Article, Project Red Ribbon|Tags: |

CBC News December 6, 2018 Calgary police used to ring in the month of December with warnings of a holiday checkstop blitz, often with attention-grabbing names such as "Operation Enough is Enough." From 2008 through 2013, police even staged daytime checkstops, looking to nab those who got into the holiday spirit as part of their work day. There [...]

New breathalyzer rules have anti-drunk driving activists butting heads with civil liberty advocates

2018/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Star Metro Edmonton Wed., Dec. 5, 2018 EDMONTON—An Alberta lawyer says an impaired driving crackdown taking effect across the country this month will be challenged in court. Starting Dec. 18, police officers across Canada will be allowed to administer roadside alcohol breath tests on any driver without having reason to suspect that person has been [...]


2018/11/22|Categories: Article, Project Red Ribbon|Tags: |

My Grand Prairie Now November 21, 2018 The Holiday season is quickly approaching and so are holiday parties. Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Grande Prairie wants to remind people about the options for a safe ride home. Community Leader Tia Marsten says some of those options include a taxi or designated driver. “We want to [...]

MADD’s Red Ribbon a stark reminder

2018/11/02|Categories: Article, Project Red Ribbon|Tags: |

Lethbridge Herald November 2, 2018 MADD Canada Statistics says that on average, four Canadians are killed every day, and 175 are injured in impairment-related crashes. The bright red ribbon symbolizes the importance of always driving sober and honours the innocent victims of impaired driving. MADD Canada is a national, charitable organization with a mission to [...]