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MADD Canada President Praises NL Road Safety Cannabis Laws

2018/05/29|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

VOCM May 29, 2018 The President of MADD Canada is pleased with new road safety laws surrounding cannabis which becomes legal this year. Patricia Hynes-Coates says the province’s initiative and proposed legislation are leading the country. She says the laws announced yesterday are some of the strongest laws in the country, second only to PEI, [...]

Newfoundland and Labrador capable of drugged-driving enforcement: police, MADD

2018/05/28|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

The Northern Pen May 28, 2018 A significant aspect of dealing with legalized cannabis for recreational use is tied to policing and enforcement. There is already a ban on drug-impaired driving under the Criminal Code of Canada, as RNC Const. Karen Didham noted while speaking with reporters about cannabis Monday at the Confederation Building. Didham [...]

Pot legalization to proceed even if impaired driving law isn’t ready: Blair

2018/05/09|Categories: Article|Tags: |

CBC News May 9, 2018 When the federal government revealed what pot legalization would look like in Canada, it put forward two proposed laws to police the new regime: one to change the rules governing the sale and distribution of the drug itself and another to help police better address impaired driving. Justice Minister Jody [...]

The challenges of policing drivers impaired by pot use

2018/03/08|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Breakfast Television March 2018 The use of recreational marijuana is expected to be legalized this summer, but new rules regarding driving while high aren’t expected to come into effect fully until at least December. In the interim, police forces across the country are scrambling to get officers trained to spot drivers impaired by pot use. [...]

MADD Canada Appears Before Senate To Urge Passage Of Crucial Impaired Driving Laws

2018/03/01|Categories: National Media Release|Tags: , , , |

Oakville/Ontario – MADD Canada appears before the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs today to urge Senators to pass the most consequential piece of impaired driving legislation the country has seen in many years. Bill C-46 proposes the introduction of driving limits for cannabis and other drugs, new roadside testing devices to detect [...]

MADD Canada bringing powerful don’t drive if on booze or drugs messages

2018/02/21|Categories: Article|Tags: , , |

Quesnel Cariboo Observer February 21, 2018 MADD Canada is bringing a powerful message to Quesnel students at Correlieu Secondary School on March 6, starting at 12:30 p.m. The message about the dangers of impaired driving and the powerful education tool is program called The Pact. The Pact is MADD Canada’s 2017-18 School Assembly Program, which [...]

Training sellers of cannabis to keep people safe

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CBC – All In A Day With Alan Neal December 7, 2017

Ottawa launches campaign against youth drug-impaired driving

2017/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

CBC Dec 5, 2017 As the July deadline for legalizing marijuana in Canada looms, the Liberals are launching the first in a series of ads to dissuade young people from driving while high. The first video ad will launch Dec. 18 and run on television and social media, and in movie theatres the country, says [...]

#DONTDRIVE HIGH: Feds Drug Awareness Campaign Ahead of Legalizing Pot

2017/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

CTV Ottawa December 5, 2017 #Don't drive high. The federal government hopes that simple slogan coupled with some tougher laws will curb any increase in impaired driving. The Liberals are set to legalize recreational marijuana next summer and can't help but see what's happening down south. Much like the drinking and driving campaigns, this one [...]

Lift partners with MADD Canada for first of its kind cannabis retail training program

2017/11/21|Categories: National Media Release|Tags: , , |

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – November 20, 2017 - Lift Co Ltd. (“Lift”) is pleased to announce the first retail training certification program for frontline staff in Canada’s upcoming cannabis retailers, with several modules being created in partnership with MADD Canada (“MADD”). Leveraging over three years of operational experience and its proprietary data, Lift is developing [...]