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MADD Canada Appears Before Senate To Urge Passage Of Crucial Impaired Driving Laws

2018/03/01|Categories: National Media Release|Tags: , , , |

Oakville/Ontario – MADD Canada appears before the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs today to urge Senators to pass the most consequential piece of impaired driving legislation the country has seen in many years. Bill C-46 proposes the introduction of driving limits for cannabis and other drugs, new roadside testing devices to detect [...]

Ottawa launches campaign against youth drug-impaired driving

2017/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

CBC Dec 5, 2017 As the July deadline for legalizing marijuana in Canada looms, the Liberals are launching the first in a series of ads to dissuade young people from driving while high. The first video ad will launch Dec. 18 and run on television and social media, and in movie theatres the country, says [...]

#DONTDRIVE HIGH: Feds Drug Awareness Campaign Ahead of Legalizing Pot

2017/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: , |

CTV Ottawa December 5, 2017 #Don't drive high. The federal government hopes that simple slogan coupled with some tougher laws will curb any increase in impaired driving. The Liberals are set to legalize recreational marijuana next summer and can't help but see what's happening down south. Much like the drinking and driving campaigns, this one [...]

Remembering the victims of impaired driving

2017/10/02|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Postmedia Network Monday, October 2, 2017 It was an evening of reflection and remembrance, as well as a stark reminder of the cost of impaired driving. Members of the Sarnia-Lambton chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving were joined by first responders, victims of impaired driving as well as MADD national president Patricia Hynes-Coates as the [...]

MADD Canada Statement on New Impaired Driving Legislation

2017/04/13|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: , |

Impaired driving is a crime that claims nearly twice as many lives each year in Canada as all forms of homicide combined, and it is entirely preventable. MADD Canada welcomes the legislation announced today as a significant reform of our country’s impaired driving laws. Today’s proposed legislation will improve screening and detection measures for drivers [...]

Drug-Impaired Driving Problem Will Worsen Without New Roadside Testing Measures, MADD Canada Warns Members of Parliament

2016/05/31|Categories: National Media Release|Tags: , , |

Organization’s volunteers meet with MPs to emphasize crucial and growing need for new tests to detect drug-impaired drivers. Oakville, Ontario – With drug-impaired driving rates already on the rise and with the legalization of marijuana on the horizon, the need for better testing measures for drugged drivers is greater than ever. MADD Canada representatives will [...]

MADD Canada Welcomes Commitment by Federal Conservatives on New Impaired Driving Law

2015/10/02|Categories: Online Statement|Tags: , |

MADD Canada welcomes the commitment by the Conservative Party of Canada to make impaired driving legislation a priority in the new Parliament. As outlined in their October 1st announcement, the federal Conservatives will re-introduce and pass The Dangerous and Impaired Driving Act within 100 days if they are re-elected. “MADD Canada is pleased that the [...]

Deadly crash highlights need for effective federal impaired driving laws

2015/09/30|Categories: Mandatory Breath Screening, National Media Release|Tags: , |

Oakville/Ontario/September 30, 2015 – MADD Canada is calling on Canada’s federal leaders to introduce long-overdue impaired driving amendments, in the wake of a tragic, deadly crash in Vaughan, Ontario on September 27 which claimed the lives of three children and their grandfather. “These devastating, heartbreaking tragedies reinforce the failure of successive federal governments to implement [...]