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New Impaired Driving Program Urges MB Students to Protect All Their Tomorrows By Always Driving Sober

2019/02/13|Categories: Provincial Media Release|Tags: |

Oakville, Ontario — Manitoba middle and high school students are seeing how one split-second decision to drive impaired today can take away all their tomorrows in MADD Canada’s latest School Assembly Program. Supported by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), the 45-minute program titled No Tomorrow shows students how mixing alcohol, cannabis and other drugs with driving [...]

“Operation Festive Spirits” a mix of Check Stops and data-driven policing

2018/12/05|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Country 880 AM December 5, 2018 Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police Service has announced its plan to combat impaired driving this holiday season. "Operation Festive Spirits" got underway December 1, but you'll be seeing the first high profile Check Stops in the coming days. All this month, Brandon Police will use Selective Traffic Enforcement  [...]

Cost of drunk driving to increase in Manitoba: province

2018/11/29|Categories: Article|Tags: |

CTV November 29, 2018 The Province of Manitoba has announced tougher sanctions for those who get behind the wheel drunk, as well as new options for police who catch first-time offenders. Under the proposed new law, drivers under the influence of alcohol who register a ‘warn’ on an approved screening device will face a new [...]

More Victims Of Impaired Driving To Be Honoured on Manitoba’s Memorial Monument

2018/08/26|Categories: Provincial Media Release|Tags: |

West St. Paul, Manitoba – Family and friends of victims of impaired driving will join MADD Canada for a special ceremony at the Manitoba Memorial Monument today to pay tribute to their lost loved ones. The Manitoba Memorial Monument was created in 2016 at the Glen Eden Funeral Home and Cemetery in West St. Paul. [...]

Witness helps police in drunk driving arrest

2018/08/22|Categories: Article, Campaign 911|Tags: |

CKLQ August 22, 2018 Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police say a witness helped officers in a drunk driving arrest on Tuesday. The witness told police that a vehicle was swerving all over the road, nearly hitting some kids at around 7:24 p.m. The suspect driver was then seen exiting the vehicle with a beer [...]

Permanent roadside memorial serves as sobering reminder of cost of drunk driving

2018/08/01|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Though nearly a decade has passed, Melody Bodnarchuk still remembers the night her nephew was killed very clearly. Brett Yasinsky, 22, was living with her and her husband at the time, and had left to pick up his girlfriend to go to a movie. When his girlfriend called the house 45 minutes later, Bodnarchuk knew something was wrong. "Immediately, I [...]

Manitoba’s 1st roadside memorial sign honours man killed by drunk driver in 2010

2018/08/01|Categories: Article|Tags: |

August 1, 2018 A Winnipeg man who died in 2010 after his car was hit by a drunk driver is being permanently memorialized Wednesday. Brett Yasinsky was on his way to pick up his girlfriend and go to a movie on Nov. 10, 2010. Instead, his vehicle was hit by a truck while he was [...]

Manitoba’s First Roadside Memorial Sign Honouring Victim Of Impaired Driving To Be Unveiled Today

2018/08/01|Categories: Provincial Media Release|Tags: |

(West St. Paul, Manitoba) – Together with the family of Brett Yasinsky, and with the support of the Province of Manitoba and the Rural Municipality of West St. Paul, MADD Canada is unveiling the province’s first roadside memorial sign to honour victims of impaired driving today. Brett was on his way to pick up his [...]

MADD Brandon & area to host 1st Strides for Change Glow Run

2018/05/29|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Country 880 AM May 29, 2018 Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - June 22nd MADD Brandon & Area will be hosting their first Strides for Change Glow Run. The 5 km walk/run supports Chapters and Community Leaders in their efforts to educate the public about the dangers of impaired driving and to help victims in their communities. [...]

Manitoba Monument is a Lasting Legacy for Victims of Impaired Driving

2018/05/28|Categories: Article|Tags: |

Westman Journal MAY 28, 2018 Providing a safe and beautiful space for families and friends to pay tribute to their loved ones. Manitoba– May 24, 2018 – MADD Canada’s Manitoba Chapters and Community Leaders have created a beautiful Memorial Monument to honour those who have been so suddenly and senselessly killed in impaired driving crashes. [...]