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MADD Canada unveils monument to Sask. victims of impaired driving

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Saskatoon Star Phoenix May 26, 2019 Despite the weather taking a turn, a sizeable crowd gathered on the grounds of City Hall Saturday afternoon to honour loved ones lost to impaired driving. MADD Canada unveiled the Saskatchewan Provincial Monument for Victims of Impaired Driving, etched with the names of 45 people killed as a result [...]

Memorial to victims of impaired driving unveiled outside of Saskatoon city hall

2019/05/25|Categories: Article|Tags: |

CBC News May 25, 2019 A large black-and-red sundial decorated with the names of victims of impaired driving crashes now stands on the lawn outside of Saskatoon City Hall. The monument was created by Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada in collaboration with families who have lost loved ones to impaired driving. The sundial is meant [...]

‘Make sure they won’t be forgotten’: Sask. victims of impaired driving honoured with new monument

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CTV May 25, 2019 A brand new monument was unveiled at Saskatoon City Hall on Saturday, to honour people in Saskatchewan who have been killed by impaired drivers. The monument has the names of 45 Saskatchewan residents who were killed by impaired drivers on it, including Marilou Houghey’s son J.P. The 17-year-old lost his life [...]

Check stops can be a deterrent, even when not there: MADD

2019/05/22|Categories: Article|Tags: |

650 CKOM May 22, 2019 The roadside check stops we saw in Saskatoon over the May long weekend were among the 45 done each year by Saskatoon police. Is that sufficient for MADD Canada? CEO Andrew Murie said the organization doesn’t have an exact or magic number. Instead, he suggests there needs to be enough for people [...]

Ride-sharing giant Uber launches in Regina

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Regina Leader-Post May 15, 2019 The wait is finally over after ride-sharing giant Uber officially launched in Regina on Wednesday afternoon. “We’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time and I know that council and all Regina residents are really, really pleased to finally have ride-share here and have Uber here,” said Mayor Michael [...]

Uber launches in Regina bringing more choice, competition

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980 CJME May 15, 2019 Uber launched in Regina on Wednesday and entered its second market in Saskatchewan, three months after it first launched in Saskatoon. Users of the ridesharing service can now download the Uber app on their smartphones and hail rides at the tap of a button. Before hailing a ride, users must download [...]

‘You don’t want to be one’: Estevan sign campaign shining light on impaired driving

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CTV Regina May 14, 2019 Ten signs have recently popped up around the city of Estevan with a simple message: “Impaired driver caught here.” Connie Hagel with Estevan’s chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving says she hopes the signs send the message that impaired drivers are being caught in the community, regardless of where they [...]

‘Impaired driver caught here’: Signs aim to deter drunk driving in Sask. city

2019/05/14|Categories: Article|Tags: |

CTV News Regina May 14, 2019 A Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter is putting up big arrow signs that read “Impaired driver caught here” all around Estevan, Sask., which police and supporters hope will deter drunk driving. Police in Estevan are hoping the new tactic will help reduce the city’s and province’s troubling impaired driving [...]

Uber ride sharing services now available in Saskatoon

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Regina Leader Post February 5, 2019 The first official ride share trip in Saskatchewan took place in Saskatoon on Tuesday afternoon, kicking off the service for the province as the Uber app went live. “It was nice to be the first ride in a ride share in Saskatoon,” Joe Hargrave, the minister responsible for SGI [...]

#DontWreckTheHolidays Saskatoon police campaign implores

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Global News December 18, 2018