Dear Friend,

Robin was 19 when he got into a car with an impaired driver. That deadly decision led to an aftermath that began with a phone call to his parents in the middle of the night and a frantic rush to the hospital.

“An officer was waiting for us in the ER,” Teresa recalls. “She told us Robin was gone. My body collapsed. I was hysterical on the ground.”

Teresa and her husband, Rob, went into the room to say goodbye to their beloved son. “His strong body was cold and lifeless. I hugged him and he didn’t hug me back. That’s the image of him I don’t want to remember, it’s like a knife to the heart every time. He was so full of life and in a matter of hours he was gone.”

As you read this, I’m sure you agree that it’s important to teach young Canadians to make wise, safe choices, and you would like to help stop the devastating aftermath experienced by those left behind after an impaired driving crash. And you can…

…by making a special gift today. We’ve recently completed our powerful new School Assembly Program, Aftermath. And we need your help to bring this proven program to more than one million students in grades 7 through 12 this school year.

As you make your donation, I hope you’ll think about the difference you make in the lives of people dealing with the aftermath of an impaired driving crash.

“Your support for this program could save someone’s child,” says Teresa. “I support it with all my heart because I don’t want anyone to walk this painful journey.”

Our School Assembly Program is one of MADD Canada’s largest and furthest reaching awareness programs. And it’s working…

In a recent survey among students who had seen the program, 82% said it’s not okay to drink any amount before driving and 96% said those who drive impaired will face serious consequences.

And many of the anti-impaired driving attitudes expressed by students immediately following the presentation exist at similar – or even higher levels – three months later!

By working together to get our program into more schools, we can have an enormous impact on Canadian students and influence their decision-making for years to come. Together, we can prevent aftermaths so devastating they ripple out and impact countless lives.

Your support will also help us fight for stronger impaired driving legislation and fund vital programs like Campaign 911. And, when an impaired driving death or injury does occur, your gift will help us provide comfort and understanding to victims/survivors like Teresa.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my pain or where to turn. And then I think of MADD Canada,” says Teresa. “They’re always helping people and we need that help. We need MADD Canada to walk with us, to help and guide us, as we go through this pain.”

Today, we need you to walk with us – to help us educate and protect Canada’s youth. Your generous gift enables us to do everything in our power to ensure they come home to their caring families. Thank you!

Please give that gift today and help us keep your family safe from all forms of impaired driving.

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada

P.S. Please take a moment now to go to to watch a powerful preview of AFTERMATH. Thank you.