Dear Friend,

A pact is a powerful thing. It can change and sometimes even save lives.

Today I hope you’ll enter into a potentially lifesaving pact with MADD Canada. In this pact we’ll agree to help each other in the fight against impaired driving and be there for the victims and survivors.

Survivors like Maia Vezina and her mother, Pat Henman. The two women were driving home when an impaired driver hit their vehicle head-on. “When I regained consciousness, I was still in the car and Mom was gasping for air. She told me she was going to die,” recalls Maia. “It’s the worst memory of my life.”

Mother and daughter suffered devastating injuries. Maia broke 17 bones and was put into an induced coma. Meanwhile, Pat was in critical condition. “The doctors told my dad to say his goodbyes. There was so much internal damage to my mom’s organs they didn’t think they could save her,” Maia says.

It’s easy to get angry when I think about how much Pat and Maia have suffered because of someone’s criminal decision to drive impaired. But then I remember there are people like you. Together, we can bring about positive change by making a pact today.

With your support for MADD Canada, you reach out to victims/ survivors like Pat and Maia. And you help fund important programs with the power to save lives.

Please take the opportunity now to enter into a pact with MADD Canada by making a special gift. With you by our side, we’ll agree to help victims/survivors pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. And we’ll continue to work toward making our roads safer for all Canadians.

We’ll also use your gift to help keep vital programs going strong, including our School Assembly Program.

The School Assembly Program is one of MADD Canada’s largest and furthest reaching programs. This school year alone we hope to bring our new show, “The Pact” to over one millionstudents and we need your help to achieve our goal.

You need only to consider the statistics to see the importance of our message. Road crashes are the number one cause of teen death in Canada and approximately 55% of these deaths are alcohol or drug related.

Did you know Canadian youth have one of the highest rates of cannabis use among developed countries? Most young people see cannabis as a benign drug and think driving under its influence is risk free.

Thankfully, our School Assembly Program has been proven to get immediate and long-lasting results. That’s why Maia made the decision to appear in “The Pact” and share her story with young people. “It’s really important to educate students about what can happen if they make the wrong choices,” she says.

Maia’s passion is volunteering with MADD Canada and sharing with others the hope and incredible support she found when she first turned to us. “MADD Canada taught me how to deal with grief and anger and put it into something positive,” she explains. “They are one of the biggest reasons I’m now doing okay.”

I hope Maia’s story will inspire you to reach out through your gift to other victims/ survivors and help them deal with their grief and anger too.

This is your chance to make a very special pact with MADD Canada. A pact that could help protect your loved ones on Canada’s roads. A pact to save lives!

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada