Dear Friend,

It’s Mother’s Day and the Mangos family is sitting around the kitchen table. They’ve been there for hours – telling stories, joking and laughing about everything and anything. Fani can’t stop smiling.

Elizabeth treasures the memory of those dinners, the look of joy on her mother’s face. You see, loving memories are all she and her siblings have left of their mom.

Tragically, the chance to make new memories with their mother died the day Fani was killed on her way to work by an impaired driver.

“We still get together on Mother’s Day but now it’s at mom’s gravesite. We bring flowers and share stories of all the wonderful memories we have of her,” says Elizabeth. “What was once a joyous day is now bittersweet. It’s like putting a little bandage on a huge open wound.”

At times like this your support for MADD Canada means more than ever. It means we can be there for victims and survivors with comfort and understanding. We can show sons and daughters like Elizabeth there are people who care and really want to help.

Your special Mother’s Day gift will help us reach out to over 20,000 grief-stricken people through our Victim/Survivor Support Services. Together, we’ll make it a little easier for them to remember the good times.

Elizabeth has many loving memories of her mom but there’s one that stands out in her mind. “My mom was lovingly referred to as “The Huggy”. Whenever a family member, friend or customer of our restaurant came through the door, she would hug them. What I miss most about my mom is the warmth and love I felt when she wrapped her arms around me.”

“The emotional impact of my mom’s death left me living a life I didn’t recognize,” Elizabeth confides. “I cycled through bouts of anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and hopelessness. My family and friends had no idea how to help me.”

But, thankfully, MADD Canada did. Because of donor support, one of our specially trained Victim Services Volunteers was able to reach out to Elizabeth. “She and MADD Canada helped me navigate through the worst experience of my life.”

Your generosity makes it possible for us to support victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes on Mother’s Day and every day of the year.

Please don’t wait for something tragic to happen in your own life before supporting MADD Canada. Your generosity now will help us do everything possible to prevent impaired driving tragedies before they happen.

Together, we’ll educate the next generation of drivers about the perils of driving impaired through our thought-provoking School Assembly Program. We’ll expand our successful awareness campaign, Campaign 911 into more communities. And we’ll continue to work with the government to introduce stronger and more effective impaired driving legislation.

“Until impaired driving becomes a thing of the past, MADD Canada needs to be out there suggesting effective policies, educating the public and be there for families,” says Elizabeth. “And caring Canadians need to keep giving until we stop this crime.”

Please be as generous as you can this Mother’s Day – helping to ensure your family’s safety on our roads is one of the greatest gifts you can give this Mother’s Day.

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada