2020 Linda and Lou Van de Vorst

Robert M Solomon Award Winners

MADD Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of the inaugural Robert M. Solomon Excellence in Public Policy Award – Linda and Lou Van de Vorst.

Linda and Lou lost their son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren to an impaired driver in January 2016. Since that time, they have been advocates for changing impaired driving legislation to reduce crash deaths and injuries.

Saskatchewan had been one of the leading provinces for impaired driving. Linda and Lou met with the government to advocate for the changes in legislation that MADD Canada wanted in the province, including immediate roadside prohibitions, increased fines and vehicle impoundment. Their efforts contributed to the implementation of new legislation that helped reduced impaired driving crashes in Saskatchewan. Statistics released by Saskatchewan Government Insurance show that the average number of people killed as a result of impaired driving decreased significantly from 44 the previous year to 21 in 2019. The number of injuries resulting from impaired driving crashes also declined steeply, from an average of 595 per year, to 332 in 2019.

Linda and Lou have been positive and forceful advocates in bringing this legislation to Saskatchewan.