Dear Friend,

Perhaps summer means long sunny days at the beach or cottage. Barbeques and patio time with friends. Family vacations and road trips that stretch on for miles.

For most of us, summer means happiness. It used to mean that for Sandra Clements and her family too, but not anymore. Not since her 23-year-old son Kevin was killed one horrific July day by a driver impaired by both alcohol and marijuana.

Now summer means crushing loss, devastating heartache, shattered lives and a very long road ahead.

You can help people like Sandra and her family navigate this difficult road by donating to MADD Canada today. Your generosity will help us reach out with understanding, compassion and support to the 20,000 people who’ll turn to us this year.

So often people think that impaired driving is just an unfortunate error in judgement, but as Judge Morrison, who oversaw this case said, “What occurred in this case was not an accident and not a misjudgement. It was a crime.”

Tragically, this crime left Kevin’s little boy fatherless when he was killed. Brock has become Sandra’s strength, her reason to get up in the morning, but he’s also a reminder of everything that was lost that fateful summer day.

“Kevin is missing seeing his son grow up. He’s not here to take Brock swimming and see how brave he’s getting in the water,” says Sandra. “Summer once meant family barbeques and laughing on the deck. Now it’s one of the hardest times to get through because of the crash.”

Sadly, the Clements family aren’t the only ones to feel that way. Summer has more impaired driving crashes than any other time of the year.

That’s why it’s a time to be extra vigilant as we drive to our cottages or go on road trips. It’s also a time to give generously to MADD Canada.

With your gift, you’ll play a key role in helping us make the roads and waterways you travel this summer safer for you and your loved ones – by supporting vital programs like Campaign 911.

Your generosity will also help us continue to fight for stronger impaired driving legislation. And, it will lead to much-needed support for victims/survivors.

What does summer mean to you? By supporting MADD Canada today, you’ll help make our roads safer so the season can mean more happy times for you and your family.

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada