Dear Friend,

With your support for MADD Canada you can be there – not for the organization, but for the people who turn to us for help.

When one of our members sits across from a devastated family and offers them the emotional support they desperately need – you can be there!

When a teen watches our School Assembly Program and vows never to drive impaired – you can be there!

When someone makes our roads safer by calling 911 to report an impaired driver – you can be there!

And, when Alain Gareau, the victim of an impaired driving crash, attends his first Candlelight Vigil and realizes he isn’t alone in his pain, you can be there beside him!

Today, I hope you’ll be there for victims/survivors like Alain, for your own family and friends, for every Canadian who travels our roads, by sending your support for MADD Canada.

The truth is so many people need MADD Canada and you to be there. People like Alain …

Because an impaired driver caused him to lose control of his vehicle, Alain can no longer work. He often needs help just getting out of bed. But, most heartbreaking of all, Alain can’t pick up his 20-month-old daughter.

“That driver took away a good part of my life. I’m just grateful MADD Canada is there,” admits Alain. “Without them, I would have nowhere to turn.”

It is people like you that offer victims/survivors like Alain a place to turn. And today, I hope they and all Canadians can count on you.

Your support today will help promote effective legislative reforms, as well as evidence-based anti-impaired driving technologies.

Your gift will also help us educate more young people about the dangers of impaired driving. And it will help us implement a Canada-wide plan for Campaign 911.

Please give today and proudly say, “I am there!” – for the many teens who will get behind the wheel for the first time; for the thousands of victims and survivors who will need support; and for your own family and friends who will take countless drives, trusting they’ll get home safely. Thank you.

Angeliki Souranis
National President
MADD Canada