Dear Friend,

Kim and Dean Hancock will never forget the night their 18-year-old son’s voice was silenced, his life ripped from him. They were there when the tragedy happened.

They were following DJ’s car as he drove home after a hockey try-out. Kim and Dean stopped at a coffee shop then continued on their way only to come upon the horrific crash. DJ’s car had been hit head-on by an impaired driver.

“DJ was breathing hard but he was alive,” says Kim. “We told him, ‘We’re here. You’re going to be okay.'”

But DJ wasn’t okay. Kim and Dean watched as rescue crews worked, trying to stabilize their son…then DJ was gone – his voice tragically and senselessly taken away. And his devastated family were left behind to somehow move on in a world without him.

With your generosity for MADD Canada, you can help ensure impaired driving victims like DJ are remembered and given a voice through programs like Project Red Ribbon. You help support grief-stricken families and loved ones and make sure they have a voice too.

I hope you’ll find it in your own heart to give a special holiday gift to MADD Canada. Your donation helps us reach out to families like Kim’s who are facing sorrow at what should be a happy time of year. It gives the voiceless a voice, just like DJ…

“MADD Canada put up a sign on the highway in DJ’s memory, reminding people not to drive impaired,” says Kim. “Every time someone drives by and notices the sign, DJ’s voice lives on. If he can save one life, it means he didn’t die in vain.”

This holiday season, DJ is also the face of Project Red Ribbon, our longest-running awareness campaign. “It means the world to me,” Kim says. “You want to spread awareness as much as you can. It’s important to get the message out there.”

And Project Red Ribbon is more than an awareness program. The red ribbon also serves as a poignant tribute to the hundreds of victims who are killed and the thousands of survivors who are injured each year in impairment-related crashes.

Your support this holiday season will fund vital awareness programs including Project Red Ribbon, Campaign 911 and our School Assembly Program. And, your thoughtful gift will help us comfort survivors and victims at this emotionally-charged time of year.

At MADD Canada, we understand how difficult the holidays can be for families. With you by our side, we will do everything in our power to help them through it.

We all need to have the opportunity to have our voices be heard, to know we are alive and part of this world. But sometimes that opportunity is tragically taken away when a person makes the deadly choice to drive impaired.

Your gift to MADD Canada this holiday season will give a voice back to the voiceless. It will let families like Kim’s know we hear their loved one’s heartbreaking story. We will carry it in our hearts and we will always remember.

Patricia Hynes-Coates
National President
MADD Canada