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Anonymous_pen_pencil_3-100Years ago in the early 1990s, a gentleman by the name of Roy Knight visited MADD Canada’s offices and he was deeply moved by the faces of loved ones on the walls. He wrote a poem, which we think sums up our collective thoughts on the significance of the photos and the desire to see an end to the tragedies of impaired driving.

I stopped at MADD’s office a short time past,
Came away with memories, forever to last,
I opened the door and walked down the hall,
I saw all the pictures hanging on one wall,
Pictures of men and women, short and tall,
But also of boys and girls, so very small.
They were smiling and seemed so full of life,
The son, daughter, husband and wife.
But to those who work here each day,
The faces, on the pictures seem to cry out to say
It’s so unfair, just not right that my picture hangs here
For I should be home with those I love so dear.
My life was shortened, I so wanted to live,
I had so much joy, happiness and love to give.
But someone who didn’t stop to think,
Had a little too much to drink,
Behind the wheel of a car a killer to be,
Oh Why! Oh Why! Did it have to be me?
Now my picture hangs here for all that may call,
For at MADD’s office, this place is called the “Memorial Wall”
Look at my face, listen to my cry,
Stop the carnage, let no one else die.
The people of MADD file past each morning and night,
One glance at the wall assures their mission is right.
Put an end to such senseless death they say to all,
Don’t let your loved ones’ faces hang on the “Memorial Wall”.

– Roy Knight

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