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Amanda Rounding

Amanda Rounding

Home city: Essex, ON
Age: 22
Date of crash: December 13, 2003

Amanda Rounding

Amanda was entering the last semester of Police foundations program at college when her life and dreams ended. In a tragic twist her car was struck from behind by a drunk driver, on her way to work the night shift at Walmart. Not only was he high on alcohol but also on drugs. Amy worked hard, going to school full time and working full time nights. She was full of life and laughter and had a zest for life that grew stronger each day. Amy was a warm, friendly and courageous person. Her last gift on earth to others was her wish to be an organ donor. In this final act she helped many other people continue on with their hopes and dreams for the future.

The impaired driver finally pleaded guilty and was only sentenced to one year in prison and six years driving prohibition. Not much for murdering our only daughter with his car.

We are so proud of you Amy. Love you forever. You are in our hearts and thoughts each and every day. Miss you so much, there are no words to describe our feelings.

Mom, Dad, Adam and Grama Keeley

Tell me why, it can not be,
For some reason I can not see.
From this world you were taken away,
I really wish you could have stayed.
The years we had were so much fun,
I can’t believe it’s over, gone, and done.
I wish I could hug you one more time,
Tell you “I love you and everything’s fine.”
You were more than a sister to me,
You were everything I hope to be.
I love you with all my heart,
I await the day we’re no longer apart.
But it’s time for you to go,
For me it can’t be so.
I gave you all my love,
Now fly away like a dove.
You’ll always be in my heart,
Love you forever.


We miss you so much,

Love Mom & Dad

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Amanda Rounding
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